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    10.7 Web Resource



      We upgraded to 10.7 and we turned on hubble to see what is causing web slowness.  We are seeing 8+ seconds with the following query.  Seems to be maybe tied to the CPU and Memory resource.  Question: how can we see the underlying SQL query.  We turned trace on SWInfo v3 and tried running query from admin/swis.aspx but not seeing the SQL query in the log.  But we confirmed 8+ seconds on the query from swis.aspx.   thanks. 



      SELECT InstanceID
      FROM Orion.TechnologyPollingAssignments AS data
      WHERE data.TechnologyPolling.TechnologyID = @technologyId AND Enabled = 1 AND InstanceID IN (6551) RETURN XML RAW (technologyId=Node.CpuAndMemory)

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          Hi bwicks,


          This swql query isn't directly converted to sql query. In this case data are retrieved from the business layer which is using several sql queries to prepare the data for swis. To find out if the problem is on the database side you may try sql queries like this:


          select * from Pollers

          where (PollerType like '%cpu%' or PollerType like '%memory%') and Enabled = 1


          select * from DeviceStudio_PollerAssignments pa

          join DeviceStudio_Pollers p on pa.PollerID = p.PollerID

          join DeviceStudio_Technologies t on p.TechnologyID = t.TechnologyID

          where t.Name = 'CPU Memory' and pa.Enabled = 1


          If these queries are fast then the problem is probably in data processing and you can create support ticket and attach diagnostics so we can take a look.



          Zbynek Botlo

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              The first query takes ~3 seconds.. the 2nd query returns 0 results and 0 seconds.  Question does the "6551" get added to those queries like example


              select * from Pollers

              where (PollerType like '%cpu%' or PollerType like '%memory%') and Enabled = 1 and netobjectid = 6551


              The reason i ask is our pollers table is pretty big

              select count(*) from pollers



              (1 row(s) affected)


              I am working to put in a ticket now