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    NPM 10.7 SNMP v3 (SHA-AES) polling test failed from Web console, but seems SNMP v3 polling jobs still working


      After we upgraded NPM to 10.7 with hotfixes 1, 4  & OpenSSL, When we  try to add a node(Cisco Firewall) using SNMP v3 with SHA-AES256, the SNPM test failed. We did the same test for a current node which was added in before the upgrade and have the same SNMP settings, the test failed too.


      Did same test on another SNMP v3 node with different Authentication & Encryption, MD5-AES128, same result – failed



      But when check the node details page, everything seems OK, all polling jobs work. I created a report for SNMP v3 nodes; it shows the SNMP polling still work. Very strange?!


      Did some further tests. Tried snmp walk from Solarwinds server directly, BUT this time has different results:

      Node1 SHA-AES256 – still failed, Node2 MD5-AES128 – successful




      Why both SNMP v3 SHA-AES256 & MD5-AES128 web console tests failed but SNMP walk is successfully on MD5-AES128, and SHA-AES256 still failed?

      Why SNMP V3 polling jobs seem still working even the tests failed?


      Any help?