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    Unmanaged vs External


      Can anyone explain the difference between an Unmanaged node and an External node? When would I use each? Is there a way to create custom node statuses? Any assistance is appreciated.

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          Vinay BY

          Unmanaging and Remanaging Nodes: (This would explain Unmanaged Node)

          Unmanaged Nodes are nodes which are already managed by Solarwinds but you want to stop monitoring on them for certain period of time - (When you Unmanage the node you can specify the time till when you don't want to monitor the same)

          When you need to perform maintenance on nodes, such as upgrading firmware, installing new hardware, or updating security, you may want SolarWinds to discontinue downloading configurations and reporting information about the nodes while the devices are down. Unmanaging nodes while node maintenance is being performed helps maintain the accuracy of your data and prevents unnecessary and inaccurate reports.

          Another reason to unmanage a node is if you want to keep configuration files for a decommissioned device. Configuration data for unmanaged nodes will remain in the SolarWinds database.


          Monitoring External Nodes (This would explain External Node)

          External Nodes are nodes which are not managed by Solarwinds.(Its just a dummy node which does not collect any data)

          To monitor services and applications on a server you do not directly manage, add the server to the SolarWinds database as an external node. External nodes skip all network performance data collection and polling tasks, but allow you to assign applications to them.

          Example - You need to monitor a couple of url's like say www.google.com, you add an external node EN to Solarwinds and you assign a App template to EN. Your App Template will contain the http monitor you want to monitor (www.google.com).


          Hope this helps

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            We installed solarwinds in our test environments and add some nodes in evaluation period but evaluation period expired and we have limited license in our test environment, we don't want to delete the nodes we added, we want to disable monitoring them by the way we don't want them to be counted in license calculation. As I understood from this discussion it is not enough to unmanage the nodes. What should we do to make the nodes out of license calculation without deleting them?


            Thanks for your help.




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              Thank you HolyGuacamole,


              I serached for future requests and found the request "retiring assets", but licensing isn't mentioned in the request.