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    Com + monitor




      I am very new to Solarwinds and am trying to monitor a Com+ component on a windows 2000 server.

      Can anyone help me as I have not been able to find a template which can do this.  I am trying to monitor the Call Time (ms) wfor the component.


      Is this possible in Solarwinds?




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          Can anyone help with this please??

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              This is not something that NPM can readily monitor.  Not to say that it can't, it's more of a maybe depending upon what the com+ component is doing and how creative you are.  It starts to cross over into the probably not the best setup.


              SAM is much more capable of monitoring something like this.  Once again, depending upon the com+ component, you could monitor it in different ways.  For instance, if you setup perfmon counters for the component, you can monitoring the perfmon counters for the data that you are looking for.  You could also setup a test script/app that uses the com+ component and then test that.