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    Remove Wireless Nodes from UDT




      We have installed and being running UDT 3.0.2 for a  few weeks. We used the discovery to add some switches but it appears that by default all of my Cisco Wireless APs were added from NPM. I now want to create a white list of the devices in my environment. We work in a tower block with other companies and so users from other companies are able to connect to our wireless environment, obtain an ip address but are then requested for authentication which they can't complete and so fail to connect.

      This creates a rogue device attempt with a unique mac address each time.


      UDT is showing all of these attempts from other users on other floors and so I'm getting hundreds of rogue users trying to connect to our environment. I can't filter via the white list because I will never be able to have a full list of users coming and going.


      I think what I really need to do is remove the default setting where by UDT learned the Cisco wireless device by default from NPM. I only want UDT to monitor hardwired connections.


      Does anyone know how to remove the APs from UDT as I never performed a discovery to add them and they aren't listed on my All UDT Nodes list?



      Magic C.