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    WHD not processing tickets


      I'm a issue recently with WHD that when clients send in help tickets WHD doesn't seem process the request correctly and no ticket is created.


      I've been able to create test tickets manually and sending to our dedicated email account that is normally used but others clients don't do anything.

      I checked the email account to see if they are getting stuck or something but I see the message come in and after a couple seconds it's thrown away like it should.


      Anything I should be checking on with only some email accounts are working and the rest are not?

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          Not sure if your clients your the client interface or email them in.  We use email and have seen sometimes where it doesn't recognize the client as existing and creates multiple clients with the same address.  When we delete all instances of the client, their emails come through as they should. Also, verify that the domain settings aren't limiting non-standard emails from being processed- there are "white lists" and "black lists" to ensure only the right emails come in.

          I hope these help...

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              Sorry I didn't make it clear.

              My clients send in help tickets via email only.

              I manually add the clients to keep any automated confusion from happening.


              I tried what you suggested and removed one of the clients that is being affected and re-added the client but it still doesn't process the request.

              I'm not to sure what you mean about the non-standard emails but I know that we have two email domains and both have been white listed in WHD but it seems that both are affected randomly as some don't work on @domain1.com and @domain2.com.


              I've looked at the settings for incoming and outgoing email and everything comes back clean.



              Don't know if this helps but I've been monitoring when email messages come in and checking the incoming email history and I'm seeing "Connection Successful" with "Messages Processed" saying zero but a ticket was made.