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    New to IpMonitor; how is it better than other monitoring tools?


      Ah, those tools we inherit... I'll be moving 10.7 to latest version of 10.8 after server upgrade, but my question is comparing to other tools, how is IpMonitor better vs other tools in the wild used for monitoring?  Has it been replaced by a newer product or feature from SolarWinds (and what is it called)?  My initial impression is that it's pretty good and I like it.


      Former sysadmin basically used it to monitor ICMP for server uptime, but I would like to dig into it deeper to monitor other things like services and disk usage.  I have not used a monitoring solution before, so forgive my ignorance and I would rather not google-fu for it and thought that I would ask those that use it instead.  Current management does not want me to shake things up whatsoever, so I'm looking to learn IpMonitor better to then leverage its usage to monitor additional things like certificates.



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          Think of ipMonitor as your go-to tool for basic up/down monitoring.  Although SolarWinds has other products that do what ipMonitor does (NPM, SAM to name a couple), they are going to cost you more and come with a lot more functionality/features.  That said, ipMonitor has a very loyal base of customers who have been using the product for years and still continue to do so today.  If you're interested in shopping around some of the other SolarWinds products, you can download and install any of them for free for 30 days to see if it suits your needs.