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    Is there a way to normalize phone numbers?


      Is there a way to normalize phone numbers or make them all appear in the same format such as (XXX) YYY-ZZZZ? Currently if we have a phone for the person in their AD profile it fills in but if not they can free type. This is annoying as some users type their extension xYYYY, some type all numbers XXXYYYZZZZ and some don't use zip codes although we are small and most users are in one area so the zip is not an issue I am wondering if we could force a certain format?

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          I have not been able to find a way to force settings in those fields, only whether they are required/editable or not.  However, I have done some mass cleanup of Client information in the past by searching for them all in Client View, then exporting them all to Excel.  In Excel, you can edit the phone number field, add the spaces and parentheses, etc.  Then you can mass upload them back into the WHD again from  "Setup- Data Import- Import Clients" and upload the new formatted listing.