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    Alert Central Weekly Report email


      Hi All


      I am having an issue with regards to the weekly reports Alert Central sends out


      I have set up two groups in this system, one for errors that are not of an urgent matter (Go to a Helpdesk E-mail address) and another that is (sent to a cellphone mail account)


      The group for the the urgent matters are set up to go to E-Mail Accounts on Cellphones with a noisy alert tone in order to wake the person that is on call after hours


      The weekly reports are going to all the mail accounts on both groups and to every member in that group at around Midnight on a Sunday Morning/ Saturday Night


      This is very annoying as it wakes everyone up thinking there is an alert or an alert not having been responded to.


      Is there a way to configure those alerts to only go to the group of less urgency and configure them to maybe sent at a different time?


      Please help!