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    Custom Resource Creation




      I would like to add some customization to Solarwinds. I would like to create a custom resource that will communicate with an external database or a web service. Searching in the forums i see that people create eather a ASPX or ASCX. Where can i find information on how to work with this type of integration. What consequences can there be from adding pages or code to the current source code of the web page? Will future updates remove that code?



      Alberto Garcia

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          Rather than write custom asp.net code, I recommend you build your customization using javascript in a Custom HTML resource. You can add this resource to the page like any other resource, then click its Edit button and add your own HTML and javascript. Here's a simple example:


          <div id="austinTemp">


          <script type="application/javascript">

          (function () {

              var url = 'http://query.yahooapis.com/v1/public/yql';

              var data = encodeURIComponent("select * from weather.forecast where location='USTX0057'");


              $.getJSON(url, 'q=' + data + "&format=json")

                  .done(function (data) {

                      $('#austinTemp').text("Current temperature in Austin, TX: " + data.query.results.item.condition.temp);


                  .fail(function (jqxhr, textStatus, error) {

                      var err = textStatus + ", " + error;

                      console.log('Request failed: ' + err);




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              What disadvantages would there be from using asp.net code? and thanks for your answer.

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                  Basically, we don't support it.


                  Here's a more concrete reason: in ASP.NET, pages and controls are compiled at load time and they reference everything in the bin and App_Code directories (and some other stuff). When we update the products, we add to or change the contents of these directories. Before we release, we test all of our code to make sure it still works together. But we can't test your code to make sure it is compatible.