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    NCM 7.3 moves to SWISv3


      For a long time now, data and commands for Network Configuration Manager (NCM) were only available through SWISv2. Starting with NCM 7.3 - SolarWinds NCM 7.3 Release Candidate is Available! - NCM data and commands are now available through SWISv3, including the REST/JSON API. Scripts you have that target SWISv2 and leverage NCM entities should still work (though as always it is recommended to test any important scripts against new versions before upgrading production). You should switch these scripts to use SWISv3 when you can - future features may be added to SWISv3 only.

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          could you let me know, what is different from SWISv3 to SWISv2.

          what can i do with SWISv3 with NCM 7.3..

          and, when the next SDK Released..?

          hope to support more python script with NCM,.


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              Here's what the SDK doc says about SWIS v2 and v3:

              SWIS Version 3 and 2

              Orion Platform version 2012.1, shipped with Orion NPM 10.3, introduces a new version of the SolarWinds Information Service, denoted as version 3 or SWISv3. It runs along with the original version of SWIS (denoted as SWISv2), which is planned to be replaced by the new version completely in future.


              The changes related to SWISv3 are internal and will make implementing future improvements easier. We have not changed any client-side functionality in SWISv3. That is, SWQL syntax, entity type and verb availability, and CRUD operation support you used in SWISv2 are not affected, but some new functionality will only be made available in SWISv3. For example, the Orion.NPM.Interfaces.DiscoverInterfacesOnNode verb is only available in SWISv3.


              The new SWISv3 service listens to a new set of endpoints, allowing it to serve side-by-side with SWISv2, which still uses the original endpoints. For additional information about how to connect to each SWIS version, see "Connecting to SWIS" on page 4.


              An update to the SDK is in progress, but I couldn't say when it will be released. You don't need to wait for that though - the current SDK will work just fine for NCM 7.3 and SWISv3.