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    small window for traceroute


      I find it annoying that the trace route tool does not allow you to expand horisontally, so I can look at IP Address, DNS Name, and Response Time at the same time, and for copy/pasting  a screen shot.

      Some ISP and companiess have very long dns names for their interface ip addresses.

      A lot of screen estate is wasted here:

      Trace Route - Windows Internet Explorer provided by Chr.png

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          Thanks for the feedback, svindler. Dragging a column to the right would expand it and allow you to see all the values fully, but it will lead to a horizontal scrollbar and will not be of much help for copy/pasting. We have taken your feedback and would make better use of the screen estate in the upcoming release.


          How about the Export->PDF option on the right side corner of the results area? Would it help? The advantage of this would be it can support sharing many number of hops than a screenshot.