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    Dameware centralized server set up and available to be accessed - 2 questions


      1) How do I apply my own certificate to the server rather than use the unsecured cert? 
      2) How do I load a clients AD environment into the centralized server for remote access. Do I just need one MRC client service on a workstation or server in the client's environment with admin credentials? Or do I need to load a specific server product there and hook it in through the proxy?




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          Hi Lee,


          See this KB article for instructions on using your own cert: How to install a third party SSL certificate on the DameWare Internet Proxy.


          For your second question, you can do an AD import to populate the Global Host List on the Central Server.  Instructions below (from the online DameWare Server Help):


          Importing to the Global Host List

          A Global Host List allows all DameWare technicians to access a common host list. A Central Server administrator creates a Global Host List on the Central Server, and this list is displayed when a technician logs in to DRS or MRC in centralized mode. Global Host Lists can only be edited in the Administration Console.

          You can import using Active Directory groups or using a file.

          AD Import

          You can import hosts from Active Directory to populate your Global Host List.

          Note: Importing from AD can take up to an hour depending on how large the imported groups are.

          To import from AD:

          1. Navigate to Central Server > Global Hosts.
          2. Click AD Import.
          3. Click Browse to open the Active Directory Import Wizard, and select a group.
          4. If you want to import a local work group,
            1. Select Local workgroup, and click Next.
            2. Select which groups you want to import.
            3. Click Select.
          5. If you want to import a group from a domain controller,
            1. Select Custom domain controller.
            2. Enter user credentials that have read only or administrative access to Active Directory.
            3. Enter the IP address or FQDN of the domain controller.
            4. Click Next.
            5. Select which groups you want to import.
            6. Click Select.
          6. Click Import.
          7. When prompted with the number of hosts to import, click Yes.

          File Import

          You can import XML, CVS, and DWHL files.To import a host list:

          1. Under Central Server, click Global Hosts.
          2. On the actions toolbar, click Import from File.
          3. Click Browse, and select the host list file.
          4. Click Import.





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