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    Export and Import of Monitors and Groups when upgrating to ipMonitor 10.8 and a new server


      I am trying to export monitors and groups via XML from ipMonitor 8.5 into 10.8.2 and the groups do not appear to be populating correctly. They are empty after an import. Am I doing something wrong?

      Please assist, we are trying to get cut over to IP Monitor 10.8 this week and this is a show stopper for us.

      I am following this document as well as the ver 10.8 ipMonitor help file:

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            I had to call support on this one.  Turns out that you cannot export 8.5 monitors and import them into 10.x.


            They sent me these steps which I followed, but am now seeing some strange behavior where the newly upgraded 10.x install will not allow me to configure it's SMTP settings and change who to send alerts to.  At least I can't figure it out... where a vanilla 10.x install it's readily apparent where to make these changes in the "to" and "from" email address settings for monitoring.


            Here are the steps from support in case it helps others with an upgrade:


            1. Stop the ipMonitorSrv service
            2. Copy the ipMonitor installation directory to the new system. This is typically (c:\program files\solarwinds\ipMonitor\)
            3. Start the ipMonitorSrv service

            On the new system,

            4. Delete the following file:


            5. Install ipMonitor on top of the copied ipMonitor directory.

            It should be running as a trial for 21 days and 1000 Monitors.

            At this point everything should be migrated with the exception of your Credentials. Here's what you need to do:

            6. Login to the old ipMonitor intallation web interface.
            7. Click Configuration -> Scheduled Maintenance Tasks -> Recurring Internal Maintenance.
            8. Ensure that "Archive ipMonitor Configuration" is selected and make sure a Credential is specified within the "Encryption Credential" box.
            9. Click "Backup Now".
            10. Copy the backup file to the new ipMonitor system and run the following exe:


            11. Point it to the backup file and enter the password for the backup credential.

            Everything should now be migrated.

            All you need to do now is move your license. Here's how:

            12. Run the SolarWinds License Manager on the old system, check ipMonitor and click Deactivate. When the Confirm License Deactivation box comes up click "Deactivate". When the License Deactivate Results box comes up, click "Close".

            13. On the new system, go to Start, All Programs, SolarWinds ipMonitor, and then "Enter License Information...". Enter your Activation Key, and click next. Fill in your information, and click "Next", click "Finish".

            That should be all. You can now uninstall the ipMonitor installation on the old system.