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    Gaps in DPA graphs




      I have noticed that we have gaps in our resource graphs and there is nothing mentioned in logs, that I can see, graph example:



      Is this expected behavior of Database Performance analyzer? Should I expect to see some missing data like this from time to time?



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          The metrics are gathered by running queries directly against SQL Server. As long as we can query and get a response back from the database engine, then we should not be missing metric collections.  Are you a customer with current maintenance?  If yes, you can create a support ticket including your logs (we'll want to specifically take a look at metric collections in the contime.cvs file and see if there are gaps.

          Also, do all of the metrics show a similar gap or is it just this metric?  Let me know if you'd like to open a ticket.

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              Yes, I am a customer with maintenance. Wanted to confirm that this is not a usual thing in the forum I have set up database availability alert and currently only time the data is missing from graphs is when i got the alert... Though I think I'd like to open a ticket just to be sure.