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    Formatting FAQ Text


      Question 1:  Does anyone know if it is possible to embed the [list][/list] functionality so that you could have a list that looked like

      1. step 1

      2. step 2

               a.  A-step

               b.  B-step

      3. step 3

      4. step 4


      It seem to get confused now if you try and embed a list inside of a list like you would in HTML.


      Question 2: Does anyone know what the [code][/code] tags are used for?

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          It lets you display code.

          07-Screen Grab.png

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              That's what I was thinking but when I put HTML code in It just literally displays the html code.  I would have thought it would read the html like a web browser.  so for example if I were to put











              Would you expect it to display exactly what I put or should it be displaying the web browser compiled version of that?  That being just the word "test"

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                  Nope, by design it should show the code, just as you typed it. You'll literally see the HTML code.

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                    WHD does not support all HTML coding as we may like it to. It  supports 'BBCode' and this is the example of what you can do in notes or FAQs:

                    Notes can be formatted with HTML or BBCode. URLS and E-mail addresses are formatted automatically as hyperlinks.


                    Supported HTML tags:

                    b, i, u, font, ul, ol, li, br, p, a, img, pre


                    Supported BBCode tags:

                    [b] ... [/b]
                    ... [/i]
                    ... [/u]
                    ... [/color]
                    ... [/size]
                    ... [/img]
                    Item 1 [*]Item 2 [*] ... [/list]
                    ... [/code]
                    ... [/email]
                    ... [/url]
                    click here[/url]
                    search term[/google]
                    [google=search term]

                    Peter created a page with some cool tips for BBCode here:

                    Hidden Gems of Web Help Desk - Text Formatting with BBCode

                    However, I have not been able to find how to get tables to work.  Even BBCode for Tables doesn't seem to be accepted.  Feature request?