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    Monitoring VMWare with Hyper V Virtualization Manager?



      Hope someone can answer my easy question?

      We have recently purchased Visualization Manager and I have come to download the module, we also have SAM and NPM.

      My question is, Am I able to set up VM using the Hyper V download and then use that to monitor a VMWare environment?

      The majority of our virtual environment is in VMWare but we do not have enough free space to load up the SolarWinds vm within it.


      Many thanks for any help


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          The only difference between a Hyper-V and VMware package of Virtualization Manager is the hypervisor for which the virtual appliance is adapted. It has no influence on what you can monitor, so no matter which hypervisor you choose, you can monitor VMware and Hyper-V, even both at the same time.



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            If you'd asked me this question a year ago my answer would have been different.    As one of Solarwinds largest Hyper-V deployments, the VMAN system has come a very long road with some very rapid software release cycles to match and meet pre existing Hyper9 vmware monitoring.  There are still some gaps, but they are now small enough to ignore and only niceties are lacking within the system; for example On-Demand reporting is different between these two Hypervisors.  For Hyper-V, reporting is wholly reliant on the data in VMAN but for VMWARE it is directly interrogating VMWare data.   Using the product today vs. SCOM for virtualization management, i'd chose VMAN.  Last year.. different answer. 


            If they continue the same cycle this year as last, it will be a lot better.  Integration will be tighter with other Orion modules, therefore increasing visibility into all parts virtualization from switches to disk to users.