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    Unable to access Admin functions


      I am unable to access admin functions on the Web Help Desk v Lite on FrontBase.  Running on XP SP3 on a HyperV VM.  I recently took it back from a less than capable hands of an employee who is no longer with us.  There were no issues during the first two years it was operational.  I do not know how long this has been an issue - I turned it over about 14 months ago.


      The issue appears to be license related.  When I click on "Setup" while logged in as the admin user (who is also a tech) I am unable to get past the "License Settings" page - see attached.  I am unable to click on any navigation links on the left. I am unable to change or remove the support key.  Clicking "Save" just refreshes and leaves me on this page.


      I can access tickets and other user functions.


      I thought there might be a separate admin account and he set the password to something but when I look at the TECH table data there are only the three users who are also techs.  I looked through the other tables and I did not see anything that looked like a separate admin account.




      Thanks in advance.