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    Syslog parsing into User Device Tracker


      Hi. I would like to know if there's any way to take syslog input that's coming to NPM and parse it for importing login and logout information into UDT. I get syslog from a wireless controller, that lets me know when a user connected, their MAC address, what IP they received from the controller, and when they disconnected. I would like to be able to search that historical information on UDT, just like I can with AD users logging into wired PCs. Is there any way to do this? This is an example of the kind of syslog I'm referring to:


      iprulesmgr: Starting session for user (user='10',virtual-ap-index='2',type='IEEE802dot1x',nas-port='11',name='xxxxxxx',calling-station-id='xx-xx-xx-xx-xx',framed-ip-address='x.x.x.x',incoming-vlan-id='0').


      iprulesmgr: Terminating session (session-time='831') for user (virtual-ap-index='2',nas-port='9',name='xxxxxxx',calling-station-id='xx-xx-xx-xx-xx',framed-ip-address=''x.x.x.x') with cause: [Lost Carrier].