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    Unable to run LEM Reports


      Hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction here.




      LEM 5.4 > Upgraded to 5.6

      Stood up new server on 5.7

      Migrated clients to new server

      Transferred license to new server

      Trying to run reports against old server (5.6) to export and archive for PCI


      Had problems connecting to old server, worked with support and got Reports to connect to the correct server. Now when trying to run reports I receive the following error:


      5-20-2014 1-53-58 PM.jpg

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          Couple things to try:


          First, open the Reports shortcut.  At the end of the target line, add "/L" so it looks like this:


          "C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds Log and Event Manager Reports\SWLEMReports.exe" /L


          Now when you run reports, you'll get a log file in the Reports install directory called SWLEMReports.log.  Can you paste that output in this thread?


          Second, if you open a command prompt and run this command:


          telnet {The LEM IP or Hostname} 9001


          What is the response?  You'll need to have the Telnet client Windows feature enabled for this command to work at all.

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              2014-05-21 15:02:25.732 threadid=9388  Not Found: C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\lem.console*

              2014-05-21 15:02:25.732 threadid=9388  Found: C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\sim.console\Local Store\Managers.txt


              2014-05-21 15:02:32.611 threadid=9388  ******************** SWLEMReports.exe : Version ******************

              2014-05-21 15:02:32.611 threadid=9388  --------------------

              2014-05-21 15:02:32.611 threadid=9388  Opening report file C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds Log and Event Manager Reports\Reports\RPT2003-01-01.rpt

              2014-05-21 15:02:32.876 threadid=9388  Report Title: Event Summary - Top Level Statistics

              2014-05-21 15:02:32.876 threadid=9388  Selected manager: xx.xx.xx.xx

              2014-05-21 15:02:32.876 threadid=9388  Assigning ReportDataObj

              2014-05-21 15:02:32.876 threadid=9388  Query Handling: parse

              2014-05-21 15:02:32.876 threadid=9388  Rebuild for HSQL connections

              2014-05-21 15:02:32.986 threadid=9388  DBType = HSQL

              2014-05-21 15:02:32.986 threadid=9388  HostName = xx.xx.xx.xx ; Port = 9001 ; Protocol = HyperSQL

              2014-05-21 15:02:32.986 threadid=9388  Database = alertdb ; User = contego

              2014-05-21 15:02:32.986 threadid=9388  CRUtils.SetParamValueByName succeeded

              2014-05-21 15:02:54.700 threadid=9388  Successfully set report parameters

              2014-05-21 15:02:54.700 threadid=9388  Report Start Date/Time: 3/1/2014 3:02:33 PM

              2014-05-21 15:02:54.700 threadid=9388  Report End Date/Time: 5/21/2014 3:02:33 PM

              2014-05-21 15:02:54.700 threadid=9388  JDBC to HSQL data access

              2014-05-21 15:02:54.700 threadid=9388  Retrieving raw query text...

              2014-05-21 15:02:57.040 threadid=9388  Raw report query:


                 TRUNC(es.detectiondatetime, 'HH') as "alert_time"

                , cast(alertid as varchar(32)) as "alert_name"

                , cast(es.alertmask as varchar(20)) as "alert_code"

                , sum(es.alertcount) as "alert_count"


              from eventsummary es



                es.detectiondatetime >= {?Start Date/Time}

                and es.detectiondatetime < {?End Date/Time}

                and alertmask >= 1e+18

                and alertmask < 326*1e+16


              group by TRUNC(es.detectiondatetime, 'HH'), es.alertmask, es.alertid

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                HSQLDB JDBC Network Listener.

                                             Use JDBC driver with Network Compatibility Version2

                .1.0.0 and a JDBC URL like jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://hostname...



                Connection to host lost.

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                Looks like the issue may be too much data for the time frame I am trying to run. I was trying to pull the past year. If I narrow it down a bit the reports run.