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    How to upgrade from nta 4.0 to 4.0.2


      Let me preface this by saying I have opened a support case on this question.  I notices last week that a new upgrade for NTA is available.  I currently have NTA 4.0 and am using the new NTA flow server.  In the past when we upgraded NTA we installed the upgrade on the NPM main server, the additional pollers, and the additional web server.  Now there is a new server in the mix, the NTA flow server.  Neither the FAQ document or any of the documents in the 4.0.2 upgrade address if this install needs to be on the NTA flow server too.


      I'd appreciate of any of the Solarwinds NTA team would speak up quickly on this question.

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          I just found out that NTA v4.0.2 was removed from the Customer Portal.  So, the problem was significant enough for them to do this so suddenly.  Hopefully, they'll do a lot more testing before they release the fixed version.

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              SolarWinds is taking this issue seriously, so we decided to temporarily disallow more people to upgrade until we find a root cause of that.


              People who are already having troubles with hanging/crashing service after upgrade to NTA 4.0.2 can use following revert procedure to get back to NTA 4.0.1:

              1. Uninstall NTA 4.0.2 using add/remove programs in windows, everywhere it is installed (FSDB, main poller, APs, AWs)
              2. Run CW that pops out with all three options checked
              3. Install NTA 4.0.1 everywhere it was installed (FSDB, main poller, APs, AWs)
                1. Make sure that FSDB is pointing to the same folder for storing flows data as it was prior step 1.
              4. It is recommended to apply HF2 for NTA 4.0.1 everywhere it was installed (FSDB, main poller, APs, AWs)


              We will keep you updated.

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              Hi Jeff, NTA 4.0.2 upgrade has to be installed on Flow storage as well. The installer on Orion main actually checks FSDB version and won't let you continue without doing FSDB upgrade first.

              I'll let FAQ to be updated by that.


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              jeffnortonLevel 1

              Thanks.  I can't tell you how disappointed I am by this upgrade.  I got the same feed back from the support case.  I followed those and all appeared to work ok, appeared being the operative word.  When I went back and looked at the Netflow collector status page under Netflow settings it showed the main poller and 2 out of 4 additional pollers as down.  I looked at the service on the Flow database server and it was running.  I then tried to run a repair on the main servers 4.0.2 install and it would complete.  It hung at trying to contact the flow database server.  I got support on the line and we determined that even though the service on the Flow database server was up, it wasn't running.  Also stop service was greyed out.  So he did a restart service and that appeared to kick start it.  At that point the repair on the main poller completed, all Collectors showed up, and netflow pages started populating.  But wait there's more.  Today I got a customer complaint that the netflow pages weren't populating data.  I looked and agreed they weren't .  All the Netflow collectors showed up.  I went to NTA server and it showed the service running.  I tried a restart and it indicated the service would not stop or restart.  So I rebooted the NTA Flow database server and that brought everything back up.  So now I'm just waiting for it to quit again.  This still brings up the fact that there are not sufficient diagnostics to analyze the proprietary server.  All the diagnostics I'm looking at say it's up when it's not.  So I am flying blind.  Add to that this all started with the 4.0.2 upgrade where I followed the install to the letter.  By the way I issued a support ticket on this morning on this last issue


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              fitzy141Level 1

              I have the same problem and have a case opened up ...  it will crash all the time .. what I have been doing is just killing the service in task manager then restarting it in the Orion services manager every time it dies - they have kicked my case over to the Dev team