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    Download config error: invalid parameter


      Hi all,


      I'm a new user and I try to Download config of a TP-Link switch in NCM. When I edit Node the connection profile send me an OK value as show above


      On the server I create a Script as said in Orion Administrator Guide on Chapter 6 and the result is always error: Invalid parameters -----------^


      first connection to the node in NCM


      Second the script I used in C:\Program Files(x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\NCM\DeviceType


      Third the result


      3-solarEditNode.pngDoes anyone ever configure Config script for this vendor ? I 'm able to config script for Cisco Huawei and HP but here I don't understand. The value of the machine Type in ncm is 'TP-Link Technology Co.,Ltd' and I think the file name on the server is according to OrionAdministratorGuide : .TP-Link Technology Co.,Ltd-


      Thanks for helping