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    Submit ticket as another user


      When submitting a ticket as a client how can I get it to show submit as "myself" or "other user" like in the video on the web help desk site?  Can't find the setting anywhere.


      If I am logged in as a tech can I submit a ticket for another user?

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          As for your first question I am not following exactly what you have asked you also did not link to the video. My guess is that its a user who is set up as a client admin. These are non techs you set up as client admins and can then submit tickets on user behalf's based on their rights. I have not used this feature and do not know the exact steps to set this up.


          As for your second question when logged in as a tech you can submit tickets on a uses behalf. All you need to do is go to my tickets --> New Ticket --> click the client info tab --> and choose your user. This creates the ticket with that user being the client so they get all the emails and the ticket shows in their history.

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              Sorry, I thought the video was easy enough to find as its the only video on the Web Help Desk site......Help Desk Software by Web Help Desk   It shows someone putting in a ticket that looks like its not a tech of any kind, just a normal user who is submitting a ticket and they have a radio button to choose my myself or other user in that video.  I thought maybe there was a setting somewhere I had to turn on for normal users to be able to do this.  


              I am talking about the option I seen on the Feature Comparison part of the site and says the following:

              Software Edition Comparison - Help Desk Software by Web Help Desk


              User Service Level Agreement:

              “Submit on someone’s behalf”

              Web Help Desk allows end users to submit service request tickets on someone else's behalf. This permissions-based feature is ideal for employees who request an Administrative Assistant to act as liaison.

              So it sounds as if a tech can do this under the client info tab, I will have to look at that again.  But the above says end user can do it as well. Just wondering how to turn it on, I would assume it looks like the video I talk about in the beginning of this replay.