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    Aruba Wireless Access Point support


      I've discovered that Aruba WAP support is quite broken:


      SELECT  min(id),max(id),count(*) FROM [dbo].[Wireless_AccessPoints]



      We've never had fifteen and a half million different wireless access points on campus (the 9206 is about right)


      What I think is happening is when we reboot a controller all of the AP failover to their backup, and NPM deletes them from the database. So each time we distribute a software upgrade to our controllers we end up with about 18,000 new rows being added and removed from the database, along with all of the history. Each time a controller is rebooted, there goes another couple of thousand rows (and all the history)


      anyone else noticed this? any suggestions on stopping this behavior?

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          How it works:

          APs are polled from Controller. In case the AP is monitored with NPM, but is not in the results from the last poll, AP is removed from NPM. When it appears later it's added again as a new row in Wireless_AccessPoints table.

          So when you reboot controller it looks like it takes some time then it starts to send APs in polled results again. So we remove all APs and later add them again.

          What you can do here:

          1. each time you will distribute a software upgrade to our controllers you should Unmanage Controllers in NPM and Remanage after controller is rebooted and is up and running


          2. edit config file SolarWinds.Wireless.Collector.dll in C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\Wireless and change the value for RemoveDisappearedAps to False. Restart services.

              Now APs will be only marked as Disappeared and Up when they come back later.

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