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    IPDB is empty??


      So a new co-worker wants to use IP Address Tracker and I told him I would send him my database file. When he opens it nothing shows up under subnets even though the file is 148kb in size.


      So I tried closing the database in my IP Address Tracker and when trying to re-open it I am now having the SAME issue!! Needless to say I am angry because I had over 100 subnets and now they are all gone.


      Any ideas? Am I trying to open the wrong IPDB? It default to the 'My Documents' folder.




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          Lawrence Garvin

          "IP-Address-Tracker" is the default name of the database created at installation.

          It does seem notable that the file you've highlighted has a Last Modified Date of September 12, 2012.

          Perchance this was the installation date of IP Address Tracker on your system?

          Or is that consistent with the last time you wrote to this database?

          If not, then I'd be inclined to believe that you've grabbed the wrong file.


          I'd suggest doing a search on your machine for IPDB, which will find all instances of any IP Address Tracker databases.

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              I have searched and no where else on my machine can I find an IP database. It defaults to 'My Documents' folder when I choose to open an IP management database.


              I did notice that the file name it is expecting is 'AddressTracker.IPDB' however the file in the 'My Documents' folder is called 'IP-Address-Tracker.IPDB'.


              I am willing to bet if I were to close my new IPDB I am now creating that all would be lost again...