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    MRC callable via UNC?



          I work in the ITS department of the Panama-Buena Vista Union School District in Bakersfield, CA. We recently switched from RealVNC to Dameware Mini Remote Control and so far we love it. We are, however, missing one key feature that I'm hoping we are just overlooking.


      We were previously able to call the VNC VIEWER via UNC path on our central server with permission to all machines on the network (7,000+ machines) and connect to any computer with RealVNC installed from any one of our school sites. Is there a way to set this kind of functionality up for our Computer Technicians to access when they are out in the field on their various campuses?


      For instance we would like to be able to call '\\server\dameware.exe' (server of course has a valid installed dameware license) from any of our 23 school sites for when we can't be in two places at once. Currently when we try this we get a 'license expired' message.



      Vincent Arriola

      Network Specialist

      Panama-Buena Vista Union School District

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          Hi Vincent,


          The message you're getting (license expired) sounds like the license you're trying to use isn't valid.  What version are you running, and did you apply the license key in your SolarWinds customer portal after you installed?


          I would recommend opening a support ticket; they should be able to assist with getting your license activated.



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            DameWare license is bound to the (physical) machine. So in your case, you've got Dameware installed on server machine, licensed on server machine and so you can run it from server machine. If you want to run it from different machine, license is searched on that machine - and fails.


            If you want to use the Dameware MRC as you describe, you have 2 options:

                 1. Install MRC and (most important) MRC license on every machine that may run the MRC

                 2. Install Dameware Central Server (new feature in v.11) and use "centralized" mode of MRC v.11.

            I'd personally recommend to use the central server in your case.


            If you will install Dameware Centralized Server, it will work as your licensing (& perhaps also as shared hostlist) server. When you will start MRC in centralized mode from any machine (even over UNC), it will not search for license locally and will ask credentials to the Dameware Central Server instead. On DW Central Server you'll have a license bound to login/password. The only limitation will be that you can not use MRC with the same credentials from different machines at the same time; it is recommended to have as many licenses as many technicians use MRC, but if you use MRC only sporadically, you may perhaps try one shared login for all technicians.


            But let's try it - you will have 15 days of evaluation period to figure out if it suits you well.