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    Help with NTA 4.0.1 Custom Reporting




      I was just wondering if someone had some tips on creating a custom report that I require, in the previous version we had a custom SQL query that worked great but in the new version with the separated database it no longer works.


      What we require is a report that gives us internet usage stats so we have defined an IP address group that encompasses our public IP address space, and we need to get a list of the total bytes destined to each of those addresses and formatted in a table like so:


      Netflow - Internet Usage - Last Month

      IP Address





      ***** Users




      The above is from our old report that worked in older versions of NTA with an SQL query we built. The description is pulled from the comments field against the address in IPAM.


      If anyone has some direction on how I can even convert my query (where I can pull the table names etc. from?) that would be great. Even if you have a similar report you can share that I can tweak that would also be great.