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    Why are asset models linked to asset type?


      Hi there, I'm trying to work this one out, without raising a support ticket, but it appears I am the only one suffering with the problems.


      We initially populated the asset database from an spreadsheet import, having set up asset types such as physical server, virtual server, network device, storage device.

      We then populated the Manufacture and model details, for each of the asset types.


      Then we configured the Asset Discovery connection, to the NPM database with the following mappings:


      Asset No: Web Help Desk numbering

      Type: Asset Type Do not overwrite existing value

      Model: Model Do not overwrite existing value

      Asset Status: Asset Status:

      Version: Version

      IP Address: IP Adress

      Network Name: Node Caption

      Manufacturer: Manufacturer

      Manufacturer Short Name: Manufacturer

      But now my database is populated with asset type Orion.Nodes and the Asset Manufacturers & Models now has dual entries of many of the Manufacturers.

      Now this isn't so bad, but what is really annoying is that I cannot configure duplicate Manufacturers & Models against my existing Asset Types and the Orion.Nodes asset type, giving the error "This model name is already in use."

      My question is why does this have to be unique?

      Because of this, the techs using the system cannot just search for Manufacturer = Fortigate and Model = FG100D, as the devices Manufacturers & Models are split between asset type "Network Device" and "Orion.Nodes" with unique names.

      Also from the Asset basic search options, we have fortigate fg100d and FG1000C listed twice with none of the four options finding any assets, instead they're having to use the advanced search using both of the "Manufacturer is Fortinet" (as Fortinet is listed twice) filters to find the devices.

      This just seems counter intuitive, why can't the Manufacturers & Models be duplicated between asset types?

      Am I using the asset type incorrectly?

      Can anyone assist in helping me see the light, on how I may correctly resolve this please?