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    What to do with Acknowledged "Host Up" Notifications?


      I'm diving into Alert Central and trying to configure my new installation. I have a source rule created to grab emailed alerts from our Nagios system.


      I have added a filter to exclude messages that include subject line text "Host Up for", but the acknowledgements still appear in Alert Central. Am I supposed to configure AC to somehow ignore these, or is there something I should do so the UP messages somehow cancel out the previous DOWN message (if it was a server reboot and the issue has cleared itself before a staff member has been able to investigate)?


      I've read the Administrator's Guide, but it isn't too helpful in terms of best practices.  Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

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          Let me paraphrase just to make sure we're on the same page.

          You get alerts from email source (Nagios system) and you would like messages that contain 'Host Up for' won't appear in AC OR cancel out (acknowledge, close) corresponding, previously sent alert. Right?

          If yes, then find explanation for every option below

          1) I would like message that contain 'Host Up for' don't appear in AC

          For this you should set up your email source properly on 'Route to Group' step.





          2) I would like Up alert to cancel out the previous DOWN message

          Currently there's no such functionality on AC side. Alerts could be processed only by human being (except for group escalation policy)


          Please let me know, whether it has answered your questions.