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    calculate total flows per second

    j sachs

      Is there a way to find out how many total flows per second that SolarWinds is receiving at any given time?

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          For 4.x, I believe its on Admin, NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Settings page.


          For 3.11:


          • Start Windows PerfMon
          • Click the green plus sign icon
          • Scroll down to SolarWinds Netflow, and expand it
          • Scroll down to Netflow V5 Flows Received per Second

                  and/or Netflow V9 Flows Received per Second - depending on how your routers and firewalls are setup to send flows


          You can then select which stat at the bottom of the graph


          The SolarWinds NetFlow Averages, PDUs Received per second approximates the total amount of all flows.