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    Orion Alert Source disconnected

    Rodolfo Manrique

      Good afternoon colby


      I've been using Alert Central since version 1.0 and I remember this happened to me already; to fix it I had to delete the Orion source and recreated. Back then I had 3 notification rules only.

      For some reason my Orion Alert Source disconnected and there is no way I can get alerts anymore.

      My original Orion Alert Source is using the FQDN and have 30+ "Route To Group" rules.

      I defined a new Orion Alert Source to connect to the same Orion server but using the IP Address. AC is receiving now the alerts, but I have no "Route To Group" rules in this new connection.

      I have rebooted the Orion server and the AC appliance many time with no luck.


      My questions are:


      1. Is there a way to reconnect the old Orion Alert Source? so I don't loose all the alerting rules.

      2. If answer to 1 is NO, is there a way to copy/move rules from the old Orion Alert Source using FQDN to the new Orion Alert Source using IP Address?