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    Upgrade error from STMv5.6.2 > Hotfix 3 or STMv5.7


      This will probably end up going to Support/Dev, however has anyone else seen issues with their upgrades post v5.6.2 HF2?

      The HF3 script spits advising it wont continue (it doesn't confirm the current platform although the version detail is available) and similar for v5.7


      A couple of months ago when our license expired we had some issues and a new license had to be generated

      (online license was newer than installed version which caused the application to remain as unlicensed shortly after)


      Just checked the Poller.log too, and the following is seen:

      29 Apr 2014 08:40:02 INFO [TcpDumpThread] [LicenseUtils.isStorageLicensed] - licenseVersion: 6

      29 Apr 2014 08:40:02 INFO [TcpDumpThread] [LicenseUtils.isStorageLicensed] - productVersion: 5.6.2


      Thanks for anyone else's experience.