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    VMan - Copy all widgets in a dashboard to new dashboard


      Good afternoon,


      To start off, we are only using VMan, no Orion in place. I state that because it seems like most of the new features, updates or innovations that relate to VMan are implemented in Orion with 'some time in a future release' for VMan alone.


      I am looking at creating multiple identical dashboards for different groups, the only difference being the subset of virtual machines, hosts, etc selected by individual widget queries. I know that I can (and have been) manually copying Widget1 from dashboard1 to dashboard2 and then modifying the query - but this is extremely frustrating to do - especially as I will probably be building out 10 or more identical dashboards with up to 20 widgets per. Is there some hidden way within VMan to copy/rename a dashboard, to at least alleviate the manual widget copy? I have seen the export/import dashboard sub-menu, but it states that it will overwrite the existing dashboard - which makes me think that it is a 1-to-1 import.


      Any help would be appreciated.




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          Hello, it's possible to clone at least a dashboard and its widgets. Please follow the steps:

          1) select the dashboard in Explore - Content menu and Export the content
          2) open the XML file in text editor, find <content name="MyDashboardname" text (replace the MyDashboardname with your real dashboard name), change name of the dashboard to i.e. <content name="MyDashboardname_2" and save the document
          3) import the file via "Import Content..." button, set requested permission and tick the "Overwrite content" checkbox => the dashboard is "duplicated"


          Some widgets can be updated in the XML document too (for example Search Query in Top-N widgets can be changed from <searchQuery>vm.host.name:Host1*</searchQuery> to <searchQuery>vm.host.name:Host2*</searchQuery>) but it's recommended that configuration of each widget should then be done manually.


          Let me know if it works well.