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    Link utilization on Network Atlas maps in NPM 10.7


      Has anyone been playing with link utilization on Network Atlas maps in NPM 10.7? I’m having a couple of issues:


      We have redundant links between sites. These links are not load-balancing so all of the traffic is on one link or the other. I set the link status on the map to the interface on the local switch and the corresponding interface on the remote switch. When I turn on Show Link Utilization on the map, both links show the same % utilization. Checking interface utilization in NPM confirms that all the traffic if on one link.


      The first couple of times I turned Show Link Utilization on, a legend box popped up mapping % utilization to link color. Now it doesn’t pop up and I don’t know where it went.


      Assuming I get past these other issues, is there a way to set utilization thresholds and colors?