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    Upgrading whole Solarwinds suite, how does additional polling engine and engineers toolkit figure in this?


      We are about to upgrade our whole Solarwinds application suite. What we currently use is IPSLAMGR 3.5.1,  SAM 5.0.1,  NPM 10.3  &  NCM 7.0.2 we also have an additional polling engine and engineers toolkit installed. I have worked out our upgrade path as


      > NPM 10.5 > SAM 5.5, NCM 7.2, VNQM 4.1 > NPM 10.7 > SAM 6.1> NCM 7.2.2

      What I need to know is how does Additional Polling and engineers toolkit figure in all this? Engineers toolkit is listed as a module so does that mean I can upgrade it the latest version once I am up to the latest and greatest on NPM? How do I find out what version of Engineers toolkit I am using? And what about our additional polling engine there's no upgrade path for it listed here? SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: Compatibility of SolarWinds Orion Products for Installation and Upgrade

      Would I just need to upgrade my additional polling engine alongside my installation of NPM? That is to say do I just upgrade additional polling engine in the same increments I am upgrading my NPM?