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    Seperate Ticket Form for HR to create new employees


      Hi There,


      we recently migrated to Web Help Desk by Solarwinds and still in the middle of configuring bit and pieces to cover our requirements. I am just wondering is there a possibility (Or any workaround) to display a different ticket form for HR department users when they select the request type "New Employee Creation". So they can fill out a form which contains new employee name, Group Memberships ...etc... I know that we can create cutom ticket fields in WHD settings but I am not sure how to assign that ticket form only to a certain request type and certain department?


      Any guidance is greatly appreaciated.



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          Are you looking just to make a ticket for 1 group or department or do you have multiple IT groups that make different accounts?


          I ask because we use approval processes to set up for new employees that way each step network account, phone/voicemail, Elearning account ect each go to the correct people and they perform their step the push the ticket along. This creates an audit trail as well if this is something important to your department or your HR dept it can be helpful. If your deptarment runs that whoever gets the ticket does everything that may not be necessary.


          As for your direct question about how to add custom fields first go to settings --> tickets --> ticket custom fields. This is where you create the fields, the type and if they are client viewable, required ect. The interface is a bit clunky but it gets the job done.


          To add a custom field to a ticket go to Setup --> Request Types --> choose a type then scroll down to custom fields then click either all or specific. If specific choose the ones you would like to use then click save. Also useful in this screen is selected departments. You can choose to only have a new employee/exiting employee ticket only show to users that are in the Human resources department for example.

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              Thanks typhoon. Can you shed some light on how to create that Approval process in WHD.


              And also can I disable the existing default ticket fields such as "Request Details" and only allow the custom fields which I created?


              Thanks again for the speedy reply.

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                  Hello Danny,


                  You can disable the request details under setup --> request types --> choose a request type --> check hide request detail.


                  To set up an approval process first you need to set up change advisory boards (CABS). Cabs are created in setup --> processes --> change advisory boards. These are used if a step has more than one person who could preform a setup so for example if any one of three people could create the network account you can create a cab with all three users and say the minimum approvers required is1. This way the first person to preform the task and approve the step allows the ticket to continue. If there is a certain step that only one person can perform you do not need to make a cab. Note: Cab approvers do not have to be techs this can be useful if for example a user needs to be part of an accounting system the controller who may not be in IT can be an approver.


                  After cabs have been created you can create Approval processes. Setup --> Processes --> Approval Processes. You create the steps in the order you want, a step name then the type of approver. The last step is to assign the approval process to a request type.