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    FTP Voyager Scheduler Version


      Hi guys,


      I purchased this product 7 years ago and have used many a version of this product. This program has worked flawlessly for quite sometime now until just recently. I added a new SFTP personal site and am able to connect with it no problem. I went into the scheduler and would like to add a new task. There is a requirement to pick one of your sites to associate the task with, but my new personal site doesn't show up. I didn't get any support from case number 616750 as their excuse is that "We cannot support you, since it is now a free product" I bet the guys at Rhinosoft would be quite ashamed at hearing that their paying customers are receiving service like that nowadays. Anyways has anyone encountered this issue with the scheduler?


      Thanks in advance for any help.

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          I suspect your profile was defined within the "FTP Voyager - Site Profile manager" and not the "Scheduler - Site Profile manager".  Follow the steps below to add it into the scheduler site profile manager.


          1. Launch the "Site Profile Manager" and select the profile that you're trying to use in scheduler.



          2. Right-click the profile and select "Copy to Scheduler".



          3. You can verify the profile was added to the "Scheduler Site Profiles" by clicking on "Tools | Scheduler Site Profiles".


          4. Launch "FTP Voyager Scheduler" and attempt to use the profile for your new task.

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            Thanks dbladorn for your reply. This is good for 16.1 and I have installed this on another machine, unfortunately this is a different setup than the version I have on another server. That's ok though I will set this up as you have shown me and run it from another server.


            Thank you sir!