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      I am having a problem with UDT where I do not believe it is showing me all of the data it should.  I am not seeing any endpoints when looking to see where a workstation is hooked up to.  I do not see any direct connection types nor do I see any layer 2 connections.  I am dealing primarily with Cisco 3700 series and 6500 series switches.  I am running SNMPv3 on all of the devices and have no problem monitoring any of the devices with NPM.  I ran the UDT compatability checker against one of the devices and it shows an authorization error for several OIDs and fails those checks.  If I do a SNMP walk on the device the OID it looks for does not show up but does not tell me I don't have rights.    Attached is the result of the compatability check..


      Compatabilty Checker.png


      Any thoughts?

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          I found the answer to the VLAN authorization error by adding the "snmp-server group GROUP v3 auth context vlan-xxx" to the snmp configuration of the devices.  However there are still several other authorization errors that remain and the compatibility checker report gives different reading depending on the device I am looking at.  If I use SNMPv2 I get no authorization errors and things appear to work but I am not getting consistent results.  I created a custom view on the devices including the mibs that are indicating authorization errors and I end up with the same results.  I have read here that 3750 switches still experience an issue with UDT, is this still true?  My access layer is almost completely 3750s.  I read the release notes for v3.0.2 and it indicates that the Ad-hoc reporting feature not working is still an open issue.  What is not working with it?  Maybe that is the root of some of the indications I am seeing i.e. not mapping machines to ports, displaying 1-43 of 5 until I change the number to view and so on.  I have gone through all of the UDT documentation and I guess what would be nice is to see best practices such as what to monitor and not monitor on devices i.e. should I be monitoring port channels, trunks, routed or non-routed VLANs?  I am attempting to get a baseline of what I think I should be monitoring but maybe if 3750s are not interacting correctly with UDT or the Ad-hoc display is broken I am spinning my wheels.  Can anyone give me a hand?

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              Using the UDT Compatibility Check tool i was also seeing authorization errors for the OID (dot1dTp). Adding this MIB to the SNMP View made no difference. My SNMP view was:

              snmp-server group SNMPv3-RO v3 priv read RO

              snmp-server view RO iso included

              snmp-server view RO dot1dTp included


              Then i read a SolarWinds KB article (at SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: Allowing Authorization for Accessing VLAN(s) in SNMPv3 Configurations for Cisco Devices):

              "If you receive an Authorization Error use the following commands to allow authorization with accessing VLAN(s) in SNMPv3 configurations for Cisco devices:

                 without accesslist

              •     Snmp-server group cisco v3 auth context vlan- match prefix

                   with access list

              •     Snmp-server group cisco v3 auth context vlan- match prefix access

              Please do not enter the vlan context in SNMPv3 Context while adding the node in Orion UDT, see the following screen shots for your reference."


              So i changed my view to use this:

              snmp-server group SNMPv3-RO v3 priv read RO

              snmp-server group SNMPv3-RO v3 priv context vlan- match prefix

              snmp-server view RO iso included


              And now it seems to work.