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    Network Sonar Scheduled Jobs can't be run manually


      I have noticed with the last update (10.7) that scheduled discovery jobs can no longer be run manually. If I try, I get the error "Discover Now is not supported for cron scheduled discovery profiles".

      We have a large number of remote sites and a fair bit of "churn". If I know changes have happened, I like to do a manual discovery on the site rather than wait for the scheduled one.

      Any chance this is going to change anytime soon to allow Manual Discovery?



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          Thats interesting.  I typically don't do scheduled auto-discoveries, typically I create them and then run them immediately.  So as a test, I went and looked at one of my previous manual ones - added in a scheduled discovery for 3 weeks from now, then went back and hit run manual and got the same error.  So going back to the Network Sonar Wizard, the last step where previously I had selected under "Frequency" drop-down and advanced,  I selected Frequency -> Once, and then the radio button Yes run this discovery now - Hit discover and nada.  I had to go back and hit "Frequency" -> Advanced, then under the Frequency Name, I had to delete my created frequency for the three weeks in the future.  Once I did that , I could go back and change the frequency to "once" and the radio button to run now.  I know that stinks because you lose your frequency settings (assuming they are advanced and not daily or whatever), but it will allow you to keep the job itself, run manually yet still setup the automated.