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    Report Writer - Get Max CPU with timestamp


      Hello, i've created a report to show a group of servers and their peak CPU usage yesterday. This report gets emailed out once a day. Now I'm getting questions to find out when the peak occured so others can go back and see what was going on at that time...


      I can't figure out how to add a time stamp on a report to show this. If I add the Timestamp field to the report, it shows every single time stamp thus all the recoreded CPU marks for the day instead of just the Max.


      Any ideas?

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          I just did something similar:


          - Add Content

          - Custom Table

          - Define your selection list (nodes)

          - I selected Caption, Timestamp, Peak CPU Load

          - Summarized by hour

          - Limited to the top 10% of records


          You end up with a descending list of CPU peak percentages along with the server name and the hour in which they spiked.


          Hope this helps or at least points you in the direction that you need.