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    Cisco 2602 AP & Dell I/O Aggregator Backup


      Hi All,


      Cisco 2602 Access Point:

      Currently running cat tool 3.9.1 and backup over 700+ devices with all makes and models. With Cisco bringing out their new line of APs backing them up seems to be proving a little painful. When the running config backup runs, its marked as successful and no errors except the txt file of the backup reveals:



      % Invalid input detected at '^' marker.


      Pretty interesting, I understand that 3.10 has just been released, I'm not keen just jumping a new version so close to release so curious if anyone has seen this one before?




      Dell I/O Aggregator:
      This bit of kit is new too me but seems to run your Dell CLI so I am able to ssh into the device and begin the backup, however it gets to the first --More-- then ends the session and saves it as that:


      Current Configuration ...

      ! Version

      ! Last configuration change at Mon May  5 11:53:42 2014 by root


      boot system stack-unit 0 primary system: A:

      boot system stack-unit 0 secondary system: B:

      boot system stack-unit 0 default system: B:


      redundancy auto-synchronize full


      no logging console

      service timestamps log datetime localtime


      hostname AHGBLADE01-IOA1



      bsd-username network_backup secret  **********************************************************

      username network_backup secret 5 ************************ privilege 15

      username root password 7 ***************************

      mac-address-table aging-time 300


      stack-unit 0 provision I/O-Aggregator


      --More--  (a whole bunch of arrows here)



      And thats it, can't seem to find much out there, so besides the software update to see if its a supporting issue I cant seem to figure this one out. Anybody else running these that can offer some advice.


      Andrew - Perth.