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    AWS question


      So one of our business groups has decided to spin up a few servers at Amazon -



      Well my boss tags me today to figure out who to monitor them with Orion - Which I don't it can but if it can how and if not is anyone else monitoring amazon servers and how ..



      Feed back would be great

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          Can you please provide a little more information to clarify what you are asking?

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            We have a business unit that went a little rogue and set up instances in the Amazon cloud - running a soon to be production application  environment of course we are fighting the battle to get them out of Amazon and into our production data center .. but till we win that war .. my manager has asked me to figure out a way to monitor these servers , Memory , CPU , Disk , Network , Etc.


            I dont believe I can actually use our orion tool to do this , so I am asking as anyone monitored any thing up in the amazon cloud , got it working with orion , some other tool , using amazons cloud watch .. etc

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              Hi fitzy 141,


              The latest release of Server & Application Monitor v6.2 has an optional agent (Windows servers only at this time) for monitoring your servers and your applications in the cloud and in DMZs.  Here is a video that has a lot more info on how to deploy it. 

              Hybrid Cloud Monitoring: End-to-End Application Performance Visibility - YouTube