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    Virtualization Manager inventory report


      Hey Guys.  I'm trying to figure out how to create a new report or use a existing one to get me what I need.  I'm trying to get a full report of all my vm's into excel format and I want it to show RAM, Disk, CPU configured for each machine.  Anyone aware of a easy way to do something like this?



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          Hello, you can create your own report which can contain requested information:

          1) perform a search for VMs

          2) press "Export Results" button

          3) select all attributes you are interested in

          4) it's recommended that the Data Export template is saved for future usage (not necessary)

          5) press Run Export


          As soon as the export finishes, you can download the XLS or configure the scheduled task to be run periodically.


          Note: you can also download all the reports from Explore - Content menu.


          Hope it helps.