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    Troubleshoot 3rd Party Deployment - No Download


      How can I troubleshoot the following problem:


      - a testclient updatet IE10 yesterday via WSUS --> so the WUAU-Client / Windows Update Client seems to be ok.

      - the also applied 3rd party updates are in status "Not Installed", Approved State: "Install" and Windows Update Log (Agent) says "Found 0 updates"

      - remote "wuauclt /updatenow" results in "WARNING AU WARNING: UpdateNow faield with hr:80070005" which means "access denied"?


      Do I really have to wait further days? ("Testclient" means client for testing but someone is working with it)



      I tried Windows Update locally. The client said: "No Updates availiable" (green).

      I thought problem is the update client (only a feeling not really diagnostic).  So I used "Windows Update Agent Maintenance and Repair" and did:

      - Reset Authorization

      - Flush BITS cache

      - Reset SUS-ID

      - Reset WUA-Service Security Permissions


      Now the Client finds the update - I try the installation.