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    HP System Management Homepage


      I would like to deploy the latest HP System Management Homepage using Patch Manager.

      But the last version under "Hewlett Packard ProLiant Servers Packages" is two years old -- are these not supported in PM any more?

      I tried modifying the old package for the new 7.3.2 version but it fails as "not applicable" for most of my servers.

      Anyone else trying to do this, or have a better way?

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          Lawrence Garvin

          The content in the HP and Dell catalogs is what is provided by HP and Dell.

          SolarWinds has no control, nor involvement, in the content of those catalogs.


          For information regarding the newer version of ProLiant Server packages for the HP Server catalog, you'd need to communicate directly with HP.

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            Sorry to bump such an old thread, but I could not find any good information on this. So just in case someone stumbles across this for the answer:


            The "Hewlett-Packard Server Updates Catalog" in Patch Manager stopped getting updated mid 2012. If you want to get the latest HP SPPs for ProLiant you need to add the following catalog manually in Patch Manager:


            1. Software Publishing --> Synchronization Settings --> Other Catalogs.
            2. Add Catalog:
              1. Catalog Path: ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/puc/hppuc.cab
              2. Name: HP ProLiant Update Packs
              3. Publisher: Hewlett-Packard
            3. Hit OK, then force a manual sync.


            Adding that will sync the latest HP ProLiant SPPs which should contain the latest SMH. At least I think. It certainly contains the latest drivers/firmware.