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    Alarm Variables


      Hi quite new at this, and I'm looking to get at much detail in an alarm as possible rather than just something is down (how it comes out of the box).


      What I have for example are links to SOHO sites that are connected via Ipsec Tunnels with GRE running over them using OSPF for routing.

      This will then make the external Router at the SOHO site the what is called a Neighbor in relation to the Router at my head office, if you do networks this should all make sense.

      Now the issue I have in regards to alarms is if the link goes down (Ipsec drops for whatever reason) then I will get a Neighbor down alarm.

      Note* The Tunnel does not go down, these interfaces typicaly will stay up unless you put them into admin down, so what you are looking for is the Neighbor down alarm.

      It's at this point I get stuck, I have put in the following in Advanced Alert manager.

      GRE Tunnel ${NeighborID} IP address ${NeighborIP} on Node ${Node.Caption} went down.


      Now this gives me some of the detail for example the Router name at the main office and the GRE tunnel IP address, but what I'm after is the GRE tunnel ID and the Router at the SOHO site as well.

      Having all this information will tell me what are the two end points effected and what GRE tunnel is down.

      The ${NeighborID} is was hoping would give me the name of the Router at the SOHO end, but no such joy I seem to get some strange number like 8 or 9, not sure where this is being pulled from in the DB or where to look in the DB for the right variable?



      This is an example of what I get.

      11 IP address on Node 4BR1-2911.haynet.com went down.   (I have no idea what 11 is ??, it's not the GRE Tunnel ID)


      Thanks in advance!