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    Problem with Installed Rules


      I have created a package with the latest client of VMware Horizon View. The problem is that Windows Update on the local computer I have approved the update on, don't understand that VMware is already installed. I run Windows update and I see the VMware Horizon View client, I install it, restart the computer and run Windows update again, Windows update will install the update again! I think that is my "Installed rules" not working. what am I doing wrong?


      Here is my installed rule:


      Installed rules.JPG


      And here is the properties of the file from Windows Explorer:

      File version.JPG

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          Lawrence Garvin

          Right on the money with the analysis, Johan. This is certainly a problematic Installed Rule.


          The issue exists in the Common Path and Path value. Due to an implementation issue with our XML generator, failing to define a COMMON_PATH results in the inclusion of an undefined attribute in the underlying XML, which confuses the Windows Update Agent.


          In order to reference the Program Files (x86) folder, regardless of the rule type, it must be back-pathed from the defined PROGRAM_FILES common path.

          Reference it in the Rule Editor by the following:

          Set Common Path = "PROGRAM_FILES"

          Set Path = "..\Program Files (x86)\and_the_rest_of_the_path


          So, specifically for your example, the dialog should look like this:

          4-24-2014 12-58-19 PM.png