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    JRE7u55 and JRE7u55 (Upgrade) apply both to client and one fails




      On my test clients both Updates (x86 for x64) are applying. On the first client where I installed updates ("wuauclt /updatenow" as admin) the package with full install were installed first and then the Upgrade failed (with an interactive error message).


      My Questions:

      - Is it correct to approve both packages on one Testgroup? (This should be, because later I want to update Clients i don't know if java was installed and if yes which version (for Example a new client without Java and an old Client with an older version).

      - Why are both packages applying if java is currently installed with an older version?


      - Should the second Update (Upgrade-Version) not be applied anymore if the first one where installed successfully?

      - Can I control which package is tried to install first?