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    UDP Alert Help


      I have set up a very simple device poller to monitor red alarms on Juniper equipment.  I would like to generate an alert whenever this UPD indicates a new alarm.  The UDP works well, it will show the status; 2 for no alarms and 3 for alarm set.

      Poller Setup.png

      Poller Test.png


      So I think the poller is ok.  I want to set up a simple alert and this is what I get:

      Alert Setup.png

      I have tried changing from status to Numeric Status with no change.  The really odd thing is after I get this error I get a odd condition showing up.  I clicked ok on the error message and added a simple condition.  The result was this:

      Alert Setup Odd.png

      The simple condition showed up but so did the CustomPollerAssignmentID.  I don't know where this is coming from, I can delete it but if I make any changes it comes back.  Is there any reason the simple alert of Poller Name and Status wouldn't work?  Am I just missing something?  I tried this on two seperate installations (networks) and I get the same results.  I am running NPM 10.7, NCM 7.2.2, SAM 6.1.0 and NTA 4.0.1.  Any ideas?