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    How to use the NPM to monitor the UPS (APC company) ?



      I just download it,   but  I do not know how to use it to monitor the 300 pieces of UPS   (ACP type 9630 network Card were installed on each of UPS)


      My purpose :   Graphical and using SNMP Trap to monitor UPS's alarm (better using trap , otherwise using polling)


      1. I do not know if the "Network Performance monitor" is right product for me
      2. It sounds the NMP can discover the UPS by SNMP, but  it detected it as a wrong type  (NPM appears APC 450,   but it should be TYPE 9630)
      3. To solve question 2 problem , Do I need import the APC's MIB ?   How to import the MIB ?


      Thanks a lot for your help